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Long Island Artist - Andrew Craig
Andrew Craig"I was born and raised here on the south shore of Long Island and have always had an interest in photography for as long as I can remember. Growing up with the ocean and bays so close my other passion has been Surf Fishing the beaches and rocky shores of Long Island. This has afforded me many sunrises, sunsets and moonlit nights on the beaches and the spectacular views that go with them seeing nature and Long Island's shores at their very best.

I finally decided to merge these two passions and capture some of the incredible images and sights I have encountered along the way.  This has allowed me to express myself and what I see and share it with you. I now find that I am never without a camera close at hand because you just can't be sure when that next once in a lifetime moment is going to present itself. I have learned that there is beauty in some form all around us including the simple things and I now find myself framing images in my mind in my day to day life. It truly opens up your eyes to the world around you when you view life as it you were viewing it through a lens and seeing those moments that most people might not notice.

A significant body of my work is focused around the waters of Long Island, both north and south shores and from Montauk Point pretty much to New York City. I enjoy the challenges provided me when photographing in new locations and finding those out of the way spots that locals may be familiar with but are seldom visited by photographers or capturing those areas that everyone knows about but from a different perspective that possibly strikes a cord with the viewer.

I hope my work leaves an impression on you or invokes a memory or feeling that you may have long forgotten. Thank you for visiting my gallery."

Andrew Craig Long Island Photographer
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