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Long Island Artist - Anthony Graziano
Anthony GrazianoAnthony Graziano is a gifted photographer who resides on the East End of Long Island. He has photographed nature for more than 20 years and contributes both his time and work in support of local animal rescue and conservation organizations such as the Long Island chapter of The Nature Conservancy. He is an advocate for preservation and believes that our bonds to the natural world are instinctual and that we are drawn to nature as a refuge and as a means of spiritual renewal. His hope is that his work helps to create greater awareness of the natural beauty that surrounds us and stimulates increased involvement in the protection of our fragile environment and the wildlife that depends on it.

As an artist, Anthony's vision flows from what is perceived to what is felt and finally, to what is seen (mind, heart, eye) and his photographic approach often involves spending extended periods of time within a location to experience it's unique energy before raising his camera to capture a single photo. The resulting imagery is striking in its simultaneous ability to be both emotionally calming and visually stimulating. The vibrant color palette, layering and creative use of light are arresting and combine to convey a true sense of serenity. Anthony's artistic vision and creative approach succeed in the very rare quality of capturing a true sense of time and place that draw us into his images allowing the viewer to "experience" the beauty of the natural world.

Anthony Graziano Long Island Photographer
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