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Long Island Artist - Bob Farrell
Bob Farrell For several decades I have been an amateur landscape photographer.  I have clambered over the rocks and descended into the canyons of the American desert Southwest as its raw landscape appeals to my sense of wonder.  Closer to home, the patterns and rich colors of Autumn foliage found in the ancient, worn Eastern mountains awaken a different esthetic.  The subtleties of flowers are a challenge I’ve engaged on many occasions;  Nature yields its beauty freely yet I’ve struggled to capture the gift.  Having worked at the Vanderbilt Planetarium where in the days of film and slide projectors I produced images for sky shows, I developed an appreciation for the technical requirements of handling light in its myriad dimensions.  The digital era has rushed over my efforts and I am working diligently to comprehend it.  The greater range of manipulation available in the world of electronic photography has afforded me a dynamic means by which I might express myself.  Through experimentation I am learning how to apply its tools with careful restraint as they are powerful and can overwhelm intent.  I often do not succeed but, if my wares please, then in some small way I may have.
 Bob Farrell Long Island Photographer
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