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Long Island Artist - Hollie Miller
Hollie Miller
Born and raised on Long Island, I was always attracted to the natural beauty that was around me. As inhabitants of an island we are fortunate to have many places to go to explore and have great adventures. At a young age I was drawn to the outdoors and when I got my first camera when I was in middle school I was always taking pictures, so much so that my father would tell me that if I saved all the money I spent on developing film, I would be a millionaire.

Photography became an obsession when I received my first digital camera as a gift. Since then, I have never been without my camera and I am always exploring. My passion is nature photography of any kind; sunrises and sunsets, the beautiful landscapes of this country and the others I've visited, animals and especially birds- and I love to photograph birds from inside of my kayak.

I strongly believe that everything in nature has its' place and my place in this world is to capture the beauty around me and show it to those who want to see it. I hope you enjoy my images!

Hollie Miller Long Island Photographer
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