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Long Island Artist - Silvia Marcoschamer
Silvia MarcoschamerShe was born in Mexico City, lived in Israel as a teenager and later returns to live in the land where she was born. But the stage of her life in which she lived in Israel was decisive for her artistic and cultural formation. Daughter of a mother painter, she was very close to the world of art.

Photography captivated her from the moment she had to use it as a requirement of her work as a Pedagogue and educator, paving the way in the field of the application of audiovisual resources and computers in education. She is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and the Escuela Superior de Fotografía with a diploma in Media Production from the Colegio Americano de Fotografía. Collaborator of the monthly magazine "Sale la Foto" distributed by the newspaper Reforma.

The photographic work of Silvia Marcos tries to show aspects of life that represent the positive, the joy, the beauty.

She proposes real landscapes, without spectacular montages or retouches because her intention is to show what is, what exists in front of our eyes and that many people, submerged in their worries and in their daily rush, have stopped seeing it and therefore appreciating it.

Silvia also proposes to show in another aspect, the almost imperceptible at sight, the macro world, which exists but because of its size we cannot perceive it. It is a world hidden to the naked eye and therefore fascinating.

To see in detail and in another perspective the nature that surrounds us is simply amazing.

Another proposal of the artist is the abstract world flooded with colors, forms, textures, rhythms, spaces and dimensions.

This aspect of art gives her the freedom to invent scenes that arise inside her, unreal, expressive scenes that intuit the interior of her feelings and conceptions.

Now retired from formal work, she has decided to devote herself fully to her passion, landscape photography, abstract photography and macro photography.

Her work pretends to be a caress in the soul of the spectator.
Silvia Marcoschamer Long Island Photographer
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