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Long Island Photo Gallery is a leading online community of independent photographers offering original, fine art prints for sale to residential and commercial buyers.  Long Island Photo Gallery curators review all images before they are offered on the website for sale. *This insures that the highest quality fine art images will be available for sale on our premium website at all times. 
There are three levels of membership: BASIC, PREMIUM and PRO. 

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9 Images*
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Long Island Photo Gallery Membership:
As a member, your monthly dues include personalized images displayed on artist's home bio page. We help you choose your images* and insert them into the appropriate categories throughout our awesome, Google ranked website and online store, Long Island Photo Gallery. You're images are ready to be seen. Your images are ready to be sold, with you earning 50% net profit direct to you from your image sales! As a Member you can also update your images on the site as many time as you would like to keeping your fine art offering at its peak. Please click here to view our Digital Photography Requirements!

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All levels of membership have their privileges.
Join fellow photography members at Long Island Photo Gallery planned field trips, critique nights, committees, instructional photo shoots, off-sight exhibits, and meetings at our gallery location. Write for and become part of the discussion in our informational and interactive blog, In Focus. We'll alert you to upcoming photography seminars, resource links and more.

We market Long Island Photo Gallery, and you, on Facebook and Twitter. Plus we have a physical gallery location where you can display your printed, framed work for the general public to view. Only LIPG members have the opportunity to rent space in our Main Street gallery. You can view our rental pricing by clicking here.

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* Regardless of membership level, not all images make it into the online store. Our fine art curators have the final say and reserve the right to choose the BEST POSSIBLE IMAGES for our store to insure that our shoppers have the BEST POSSIBLE BUYING experience.  In addition, our curators base-price your images in the online store based on the following factors: 1.) Clear Center of Interest; 2.) Composition; 3.) Focus and Exposure; 4.) Story; 5.) Lighting; 6.) Creativity and 7.) Uniqueness. Every image stands on its own merit, regardless of the photographer's experience 
Testimonials from our members:
I have been a member of the Long Island Photo Gallery since January of 2011. Due to Joanne and Jessica's hard work and vision, I've seen the gallery evolve from an online presence to a brick and mortal fine art gallery. Their tireless work marketing the images of the membership allow us to concentrate more fully on the creation of images. Their monthly themed exhibits and member contests in addition to promoting our art with the public, provide an incentive to think outside of our comfort zone while building portfolios. I can honestly say that joining Long Island Photo Gallery has been an integral part of my development as a photographer.
Michael Lang
I am a fine art photographer and the Long Island Photo Gallery provides stellar exposure for Long Island artists and our art. Like a nova, it shines brighter and brighter as it continues to evolve and expand. Right here on Main Street in Islip, co-founders and curators have created a professionally appointed visitor-friendly gallery, an online gallery website for browsing and purchasing, workshops and photographic services and a meeting place for photography lovers and artists. Check us out! You'll think it's out of this world!
Holly Gordon
LIPG is a great place to meet other local artists and get an understanding of what works best for them so you can expand your business. LIPG offers so many interesting and educational member activities. You can learn so much from their site and being a member is fun. Their time and efforts are truly “priceless”.
Eddie Mooney
Thanks to Long island Photo gallery I have been able to network with other photographers, we share ideas and give each other tips. LIPG has a unique group stemming from various backgrounds in all types of photography, and they are all willing to share their knowledge. Plus, I now have a place to showcase my work, get opinions, work on my techniques and sell it.
Richard Lombard, PicturePicasso.com
Photo was taken by Jessica Hirschmann at LIPG's Vanderbilt Mansion Field Trip. In the distance are several members of Long Island Photo Gallery.
Digital Photography Requirements:
- High resolution, digital images in either jpg, jpeg, tif, psd are accepted.
- Minimum digital image size should be 2700x1800 or higher.

You, the artist, will retain all copyrights of your images. All sales go through LongIslandPhotoGallery.com and the net revenue (after production and shipping) is split 50/50. We will handle all sales -  from production to shipping direct to the consumer to sending you your payment. Payments are calcaulated at the end of each month, and a check with the combines sales total will be sent.

All images will be reviewed and will need approval before being added to LongIslandPhotoGallery.com.

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